"Restore to Library" greyed out

I accidentally deleted an item, and I want to restore it. I can see it in the Trash folder, but when I right-click on it the "Restore to Library" option is greyed out. Is there something I can do to make it restorable? I can recreate it (I've backed it up), but I'd rather have it restored to the same ID.

The "Delete permanently" link is also greyed out, so I thought that file-system permissions might be involved, but the directory and file permissions are the same as in other undeleted items.

Zotero 6.0.36 under Windows 11
  • I found a solution. I checked the individual files in the item to see whether "Restore to Library" was enabled at the file level. The item contains a linked attachment, and that was the only file which did not have Restore to Library greyed out. I clicked it, and the whole item was restored.

    I've submitted a report (Report ID 1198307823) about this.
  • This just means you deleted one of the attachments, not the parent item. The parent item would've still been in the library root.
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