two small bugs in Zotero 7

1. When I am entering a new author and tab into the "first name" field after typing the last name, the field is only active for a second, and then gets deselected, and I have to click again. The field should stay active after tabbing from "last name."

2. In Advanced Search, when I type search words in the search box and then switch to a different field, the text disappears and I have to type again. It would be better to have the text remain. Use Case: I search for an edited book (Title field), then I'd like to see if I entered any chapters from that book separately and switch to Publication field--the search text is the same, it would be better not to type it twice. Another Use Case: search for a name in Creator, to find books by an author, and then in Title, to find articles/books about this person.
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    Yes to #1. This happens all the time and is incredibly frustrating. It seems to be worse when the library is syncing. I've spent five minutes trying to enter editors names, as the name field keeps being deselected. It's constantly a race to fill the field before it closes.
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