Two Word Docs open on the same screen. Zotero acting up only on one.

Hi, I am working on two Word Docs on an external screen (from my laptop). I have been using the "add a citation" tool for ages and always worked but now it's the first time I am using it on a second screen. The problem is that it works fine on a doc, but it doesn't on the other one (docs are side-by-side on the same screen). So for example, a citation should be "Punch, 2016, p.61" and it shows correctly on one doc but in the other one it shows like this "Punch 2016:61". Another example is "Anglani et al., 2023" (correct in the first doc) and then generating this one in the other doc: "Anglani et al. 2023" (no comma). Again, side by side, same citation. I saw on another post that using two screens might interfere with Zotero's functionalities, but I don't understand why it works on one doc but not on the other one. I tried to disable and reenable the word processor integration but did not change anything. Is there a way to fix this issue?
  • It just sounds like you have a different citation style selected (ASA instead of APA?) in the other document.
  • I cannot believe that it was that simple. I was not familiar with the other citation style and just assumed it was a two screens issue. I mindlessly put ASA when I created the new document. Thanks so much for your help!
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