Zotero 7 beta: Can't tab past author's last name

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  • I am using Zotero 7 beta. When I try to add a new journal item using the tab key I come only as far as the autor's last name. When I enter the name and press the tab key, the cursor loses focus and switches to the main pane. Using the mouse is not much better. If I for instance enter the date of the journal item and after that click on the pages field, the field looses focus again and I need to click a second time before I can enter the pages.
  • I'm experiencing the same: tanning from the last name field moves out of the details pane.
  • I'm trying to reproduce this - so far, tabbing through the last creator row of the "Info" section moves focus for me as expected: creator type dropdown -> first name -> last name -> + -> - -> options menu button -> the first editable field after the creator row.

    A few questions that could help:

    Are there any specific steps/scenarios after which the focus gets stuck?
    Does it happen with all items/some specific existing items/items of a particular type?
    Is this on windows 10/11? With the last version of Zotero 7 beta (7.0.0-beta.68+c31a40c74)?
    Are there any screen readers enabled?
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    Sometimes tabbing gets "confused" and I have a similar problem to that described above. If I click to the record below and click back to the record with the problem, I can tab from the last name to the first name normally. This happens also when I need to edit a last name that contains a number and symbol that corresponds to an affiliation and/or when I've changed the All-upper-case of a last name and want to change first name initials that are in the form "AB" to "A. B.".

    I received a caution dialog when I tried to post this asking if this might be a different issue than the topic of this thread. I believe that this is the same issue. Instead of tabbing to the first name field, I'm not sure where the cursor is located.
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