[Feature Request] See bibliographic info with citations in Word

I can't tell if this has already been addressed in version 7 (IT dept won't let me upgrade until it's out of beta), so apologies if it has or if I'm posting this in the wrong way.

In the Word Plugin:
When numbers (or other symbols) are used for citations in the text in Word, it can be difficult and time-consuming to review sources in a document. So far, I've resorted to changing the citation format to something that shows more information (like author and date) during review, but then I have to remember to switch it back to the preferred/required format before it is submitted. This creates risk, especially if working tired, rushed, or with co-authors.

If possible, it would be nice if either some information (author and date) or the whole bibliographic entry were accessible from the citation itself. This might be either via hovering the mouse or some combination of clicking and keys, the hope being some method that is faster and less error-prone than changing styles or opening the citation dialogue to see what the citation represents.

Thanks for a great product and for considering user ideas!
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