Zotero 7 Beta: Get bibliographic citation from within Reader

I am often transferring information about something I'm reading in the Reader to another tool, like Ancestry.com. I need to put a citation into the other tool and want it in Chicago Style. I'd like to be able to right-click on the citation information that is in the right pane of the Reader to get this citation information, rather than having to go back out to the Item Pane to get it. In many cases, the item is no longer selected in the main workspace because I'm looking at multiple PDFs in the reader. Could the "Create Bibliography from Item..." selection be added to the context menu of the citation pane in the Reader?
  • Quick copy (ctrl+shift+c by default, also in the Edit menu) works on the current tab -- that should meet your use case, right?
  • Yes! That does it, @adamsmith. Thank you. (And I'm having a deja vu moment that you answered this same question for me at another time. So sorry if I duplicated.)
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