Could items titles be unified as an uniform style?

In Zotero 7, some entry titles are capitalized only at the first letter, while others have all letters in uppercase. How can they be adjusted to have only the first letter capitalized? Ideally, this adjustment should be done efficiently in bulk.
  • edited March 26, 2024
    Can be easily and quickly done item by item. Right click on title and select "sentence case" from drop-down. You will need to fix proper nouns. The conversion is indeed smart in that acronyms (NASA, FBI, NHTSA, LiDAR, CoViD-19) are correct after conversion.

    Automation of multiple items is a nearly impossible task for any software because of the conversion of city and country names, organization names, etc.

    edit: If you always keep all item titles in sentence case, styles that require title case will work properly.
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