Curious problem with importing Springer Nature article titles

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When I use the Zotero import icon to capture the following items, the second item is imported with correct metadata but the article title remains "Patriarchal Masculinities..." instead of "The Lives of Egyptian Women..."


The titles are correct in the page headers and with the DOI.

I can reproduce the problem after closing the web page and restarting Zotero.

edit: I'm using the current version of 7 beta.
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    More information:

    This intermittent issue isn't limited to Springer-Nature items. It also happens with other publishers. I add an item using the browser bar icon. The item gets downloaded and the new record's title displays correctly in the list column but in the item's right most panel the title of the record below is repeated but the new record metadata (authors, journal name, DOI, volume, issue, pagination) is correct.

    If I click on a different record and click back to the problem record the correct title is displayed. If I add a new record, the problem record is saved with the duplicate (wrong) title from the other (previous) record but has the correct author(s) volume, issue and volume numbers, journal name, and DOI.

    I have tried running Zotero with debug logging on but this problem happens so rarely that after an hour of work, I guess that the log has become too long to be of much use. The next time this happens, I'll try to record a video with my phone and send it to support.
  • You are sure to his isn't just a display issue? Incorrect information is actually saved to your database (rather than just temporarily shown)?
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    @adamsmith Yes, that is what makes this so curious. It could be a display issue but intermittent? Mac Studio M2 Max 64 GB Sonoma 14.3.1. Zotero 7.0.0 beta 68. (This only began a few days ago.)

    It makes no sense, given how I assume database saving records and record items work. The title is correct in the standard view listing but wrong in the right hand column above "info".

    Particularly while in beta testing, I'd be willing to optionally accept a slower operating mode that always logged in the background but only kept the previous few minutes of the log file. Is this even possible? It seems to be a good way to capture an intermittent problem without having an impossibly large file.
  • I attached to an email to a video demonstration of the problem.
  • Please help me to identify the problem that causes this. Is is exclusively on my computer or is this something of a broader problem.
    I downloaded the article "Establishment of safety management measures ..." from the MDPI website. I then downloaded "Alcohol use disorder and risk ..." from PubMed. The title of the download from PubMed shows the title of the MDPI article but the metadata info for the PubMed article is correct. see screenshot 1

    This time when I click on a different record and back to the PubMed download the title in the list remains that of the MDPI article but the metadata info is correct. Sometimes I can get the proper title above the Info section by clicking to another record but this time the title didn't correct itself when I returned to the PubMed record. see screenshot 2
  • Do you have any plugins installed?
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    No plugins or extensions.

    I'm at a loss to explain this. I can't be alone unless it is all on my end. Or, are the others who have this problem not noticing that the title doesn't correspond with the metadata. I have my references sorted by data date added.

    Were you able to view my earlier video to support?
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