[Zotero 7 Beta] Bug Memory leak in PDF Search

edited March 25, 2024
Bug Report:
Current Version: 7.0.0-beta.68+c31a40c74 (64-bit) on Linux

Bug: Memory Leak by using the Search Mask for PDFs repeatedly (old cache is not cleared, even for same pages/results).

Limitations: only in Zotero 7, no Problems in Zotero 6 (Ubuntu 22.04 & MacOS)

To repeat:
1. Open PDF Viewer (preferably large ~200 pages book)
2. Search in-text for e.g. a year (should appear 30-40 times)
3. Skip through finds one time -> +2GB persistent RAM Usage (even that is a bit unnecessary, should be cleared after some time/search skips)
4. Observe first slow downs in search/using zotero
5. Skip through finds another time -> additional increase +2GB+ RAM Usage
6. Repeat. Tested up to + 6GB RAM increase from initial opening of PDF. Crashes the Operating System finally through hogging all Memory.

- Search for one key is exemplary for working some time on the PDF and searching for multiple words/sentences -> also accumulates over multiple PDFs. Makes Zotero unusable/slow without repeatedly closing PDFs etc.
- not only is old cache not cleared, same results/pages are cached in Memory again instead of accessing/deleting the previous identical cached page
- Cache seems only to be cleared if PDF is closed in Zotero. Waiting/Closing search does not work.

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