Zotero reporting errors and requiring Firefox re-start

I have been running the 2.0beta successfully in Firefox 3.5 on Windows XP. Since the update to 2.0 final I have had problems syncing and as of today zotero regularly produces errors, requiring firefox restarts and making working with it impossible. I have disabled other extensions and have submitted two error reports:
470260689 upon startup and failure to sync
696095978 upon not being able to save a reference from google books
Has anyone got any advice?
thanks in advance,
  • and another report, just after zotero reported an error and recommended restarting firefox: 1928329826
  • The only Zotero error in there pertains to a problem with a custom BibTeX translator you've installed, which should be fixed but probably isn't the cause of this. Fix that, but also check your database integrity from the Advanced pane of the preferences, disable other Firefox extensions (starting with known incompatibilities), and, if you're still having trouble, provide a Debug ID.
  • Thanks for your reply. I have disabled practically all other extensions (except two that have worked alongside zotero for years) and the database check didn't reveal any problems
    As of this morning, the plug-in no longer crashes asking for a firefox restart - not sure what has changed, but fingers crossed it stays that way. It still won't sync, though. This is the Debug-ID :D726393728 for a restart and failed attempt to sync.
  • sorry to keep this going - but my sync still won't work.
    Upon restarting firefox, my first failed attempt produced this error: report 1214728090

    I then ran a debug log for a restart and three failed attempts to sync. The Debug ID is D1204419489
  • and another error report, as it is now back to requesting firefox restarts: 2102302673
    I saw mentions of read-only pdfs causing problems. Should I try removing .pdfs I added recently and see if that helps?
  • For your last error, at least (where the error report includes "(NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED) [nsIFile.lastModifiedTime]"), it's this issue, which we're looking into:

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