Error importing nbib format into Zotero

Hello - my error ID is 1165133119.

I am continuously having errors importing my nbib file into Zotero and would appreciate some guidance. Thank you.
  • This has started happening to me as well. I was able to import 200 items at once last week, but now trying to import all search results from pubmed (n=6448) in PubMed's nbib export format leaves the client stuck at Importing with the no progress on the progress bar. This is on MacOS updated to the current version, Zotero 6.0.37.

    Activity Monitor showed Zotero at the highest usage; it stopped responding after 8 min

    I have the details of the error if you'd like to see them but can't paste them into the comment.
  • Can you send an .nbib file with which you can reproduce this to with a link to this thread?
  • I'm thinking I wouldn't be able to reproduce it. I rebooted my computer to try again, and when I reopened Zotero and let it sync (or whatever it does when it opens), the collection had been imported. Do you want me to send the file anyway? Or did it just solve itself?

    And thanks for replying to quickly!
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