run slowly

Hello, why is it always stuck for a long time once i open the zotero7.0 bete 68? And when I open the task manager, I find that its running memory has exceeded 8000m. How can i solve this problem? THnak you.
  • Can you reproduce this in Troubleshooting Mode (Help → "Restart in Troubleshooting Mode…”)?
  • Thank you. I find this problem is related with the huge amount of items that in my zotore library almost 8,000 items, which takes much time to load the database. And it dosen't happen in Troubleshooting Mode. Now I am deleting the useless items to alleviate the problem.
  • But if it doesn’t happen in Troubleshooting Mode, and it happens again when you restart normally, the problem is one of the plugins you have installed. Troubleshooting Mode disables all plugins.
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