Automatically assign tag when highlighting text

  • Not meaning to hijack this thread, but feels like the most apt place for this query as I think it also requires use of Actions&Tags plugin.

    All I want to do is for each different highlight color in the PDF viewer, to automatically assign a tag whenever I highlight text. So when I highlight text in a PDF yellow, it should create a tag saying 'Yellow Text' automatically in the associated note; when I highlight PDF text in red it should create a tag saying 'Red Text' automatically in the associated note.

    Feels like it should be a relatively straightforward task regardless of whether this can be done through the Actions&Tags plugin or through any other Zotero plugin or feature. Does anyone know how to achieve this?

    Thank you.
  • There is a new plugin which I couldn't get my head around it. It does something similar to your request.
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    I have tried to use this function: Zotero.Reader.Open(itemID), but no reader tab is opened when I executed this function.

    I am not the JavaScript and web developer, I'm currently having a hard time, and I can't continue to achieve my goals.
  • Thanks @ulahcherubim. I can't get my head around it either. And unfortunately that plugin is for Z7.0 but I'm still working off Zotero 6.0 at the moment. So hoping someone has an idea of how to manage this cause I'm at a loss currently.
  • @dstillman @ulahcherubim
    I do it. Add a Hyperlink to an annotation and jump to the target annotation
    Refer to:
  • Thank you @yaolimumu for the script. This might help.
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