Can't see Zotero in Google Docs

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  • I've updated zotero and restarted computer but I still can't see the zotero nugget in googledocs
  • is there an option to speak to someone? My essay is due in tomorrow and I'm getting worried. I've made sure zotero is installed on word from the zotero software side. Not sure what to do next
  • @SimonThompson: zotero does not have an ongoing live support service. You posted two different comments: One refers to word, the other to googledocs. Note that these are separate, and they operate in different ways. first steps for troubleshooting word integration is here:
    if the tips on this page do not resolve your issue with word, you need to post a more detailed account of what exactly does not work (and if it is an issue with word integration, do not post in this thread, as it refers to google docs)
  • Thank you for your reply. Sorry it is a word document opened in if that makes sense? Zotero works and I have added in all my references. But there isn't a 'zotero' sign at the top of the word document for me to input from there
  • First, Zotero only works in google docs, not in Word docs opened in google docs (you'd need to convert the doc).
    Then, if you haven't actually worked with Zotero in the document yet (as I think it sounds like?) it might make sense to just work in Word if you're working under deadline.
  • Generally speaking it is probably not a very good idea to move from word to google docs a day before an essay is due. I would suggest to simply stay with word and finalise your essay there. As for google docs integration see the general setup here:

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