Unwanted item is added via Enter when editing existing citation

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  • I am loving the redesign. Special thanks for the ability to click on the link beside a URL and go to the website. I also like the feature which automatically bring sup the last selected reference in the Zotero window.

    I am having one problem. When I click on an existing Zotero reference (wanting to, say, change the page number) the feature which automatically shows the reference which has been clicked on or has just been added continue to be present - effectively adding another reference.

    For example, in the attached screen snip, the reference I want to edit is "Hofmann" but in Zotero I had already selected the reference "Boyd's" - so when I press "Enter" "Boyd's" is added to the in text reference, but I don't want it,so have to delete it!
    I hope this makes sense - please get back to me if I can help.

  • @Nigel007 -- I think the behavior has minimally changed, but I don't think Enter ever opened the details of the selected reference, did it? You can open it via keyboard using left arrow and the ctrl+down. The left arrow, I believe, didn't used to be necessary.
    (And obviously people might want to open a reference to add additional ones, so having the selected items available on edit citation has upsides, too)
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    I have noticed the same behavior than I think @Nigel007 is describing. This should be split into a new thread I guess

    1. Add/Edit Citation
    2. Enter, Enter to select and insert the first opened document
    3. Put the cursor in the created reference, Add/Edit Citation
    4. Select the citation to open the dialog and add a page for example
    5. Enter, Enter, the next opened document is selected and inserted together with the edited citation
  • Yeah, that's not great. I'm actually not sure what the best fix there is, but we'll work on it. For now, the best workaround is to press left-arrow first, which closes the results pane, and then press Enter to close the dialog with just the original item.
  • This workaround looks good for me, until you can come up with a better solution. Thank you for working on it.
  • @dstillman Thank you - yes using the left arrow solves the problem BUT don't press more than once as it just brings back the 'unwanted' reference.
    Just in case it is of concern - I think making the last edited/selected reference so readily available is a great addition to Zotero and well worth keeping.
    @adamsmith - I've always clicked on the ref inside the Zotero box and then pressed the 'Enter' key to open the reference (and it seemed to work, although this may not have been the official way to behave!).
    I really value Zotero - it has never damaged my file or failed to work - one of the other referencing tools seems to have a crisis detector which comes into for that critical time before submission!!!!! Thanks to all the team
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    This is fixed in the latest beta.
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