for this Forum: mini tiny Richtext editor?


the only thing i found is this, which is from a long time ago...

But since my question differs a bit, this is the new post for it :-)

Would it be possible to include a stripped down version of a richt text editor - OR maybe just buttons which put the right tags in the post - into the editor for posting in this forum?

This would maybe look like the "About you" editor at - with additional buttons for "quote", "code", ...

Maybe there is an option for this and i just can't find it? These buttons would make life a lot easier for me since i am here not very often, and do not remember any tags or the like :-)

  • I wouldn't mind that of course, but until then just the quick refresher (this is general html - so useful beyond this forum):
    Blockquote - <blockquote> </blockquote>
    Code - <code> </code>
    italics - <i> </i>
    bold - <b> </b>
    html link - <a href=""> Linked Text </a>
  • There is a TinyMCE addon available for Vanilla (the software which powers these forums), available at:

    If the consensus is that a rich text editor for the forums is a good idea (I personally have no strong views on this one way or the other) this seems the obvious way to go, since Zotero already uses TinyMCE for notes and the devs would already be familiar with the code.
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    aha, ok, i found out there are quite some WYSIWYG editors out there (TinyMCE, FCKeditor, YahooUI, ..., markItUp!), so basically there are two possibilities:
    * WYSIWYG editor
    * buttons that just insert code fragments
    Of course the TinyMCE would look very nice, but for the basic need also code fragments would work very well, i think - although they may be less "idiot-proof" :-)
  • just another editor! this one seems newer, simpler, leaner and faster.
    The interface is just nice: one would just have 3 buttons for
    * normal text
    * quote
    * code (with syntax highlighting after posting :-)
    and formatting buttons for italics, bold, list bullet and numbered.
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