Adding proxies to DOIs through CSL

I'm trying to create an output style for syllabi that adds the proxy prefix to DOIs for my syllabi so that it produces a hyperlink that works with our proxy. For example, if the DOI field is
then I'd like it to output a hyperlink to

I can do this by finding the location in a CSL that outputs the DOI and putting in the proxy as a prefix, e.g.,

text variable="DOI" prefix=""

When I use Quick Copy and paste it into Word, it produces something that looks like the desired output:

However, it produces a hyperlink around the DOI itself that points to

Picture here since I can't do rich text in a forum:
I'm guessing that there's some magic going on behind the scenes to turn DOIs (and URLs) into hyperlinks with Quick Copy. Is there a way of using CSL to do this (in Zotero)?

Full modified CSL here:
  • You can't avoid 'proper' (i.e. unproxied) DOI linking in Zotero's HTML output (which is what's used for the clipboard). That's part of the citation processor, so happens at a higher level than the CSL.

    You can, however, create the bibliography as RTF (via Create Bibliography from Items), open in Word (which shows the proxied DOI links not-hyperlinked) and then either manually add spaces after each URL to hyperlink it or run Word's auto format (you have to add this to you toolbar for newer Word versions but easy to google how) to do so in bulk for all links in the document.
  • Thanks, I didn't know about Word's auto format to do it in bulk! Note that if your CSL puts a period after the URL Word won't recognize it as a URL.

    For anyone who comes to this thread on a Mac and wants to do this, you have to:
    1)Open a new doc
    2)Click on the ••• in the Quick Access Toolbar (that's at the very top next to the close/shrink/zoom buttons)
    3)Select "more commands"
    4)Choose commands from "All Commands"
    5)Find "AutoFormat Now", click on the right arrow, and click save. That will add it to your Quick Access Toolbar:
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