Debug ID is D724310581

The Debug ID is D724310581
Report ID: 505304288

Here is the message I get when trying to synce: (Zotero 2.0rc5/Firefox 3.5.7;XP sp3)
Items in the collection 'PDFs to instal' have been added and/or removed in multiple locations. The following items have been added to the collection:
I created a collection called "PDFs to instal" into which I copied (drag and dropped) a bunch of PDFs that I had lurking around my hard drive. Then I set about finding the metadata for them. After a while I got the above message.

I still have the problem after a cold reboot.

EDIT: I only worked on one computer. So I don't know what the "multiple locations" is about.
  • I am having the same problem.
    Also only working from one pc.
    I imagine I moved/renamed/deleted something while a sync process was going on?
  • I'm still not able to sync. I just checked "database integrity." No errors.
  • Yes, still can't sync.
  • arggem: New Debug ID?
  • The Debug ID is D1075180894

    I tried something that didn't work. I moved all the items into a new collection, then deleted the old one.

    Now I get this:
    A collection has changed both locally and remotely since the last sync:

    Local version: [deleted]
    Remote version: PDFs to instal

    The remote version has been kept.
    The new debug ID is what I currently get.

    Should I just restore to Zotero Server?
  • Finally! with Z 2.0.1 I can sync! Thanks Team Z!
  • Yup—this was "Fixed sync error due to invalid search ids" from the changelog. You were seeing the above messages only because the sync was failing repeatedly.
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