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  • I am having the same issues, both in Firefox and Chrome (can't add citations, red bar never finishes loading, citations randomly become unlinked, get regular error messages about Zotero having trouble accessing the doc, etc.). Does anyone know if the beta version of Zotero 7 solves any of the issues? I'm reluctant to download the new version yet at the risk of making it worse.
  • @natoushki: You should make sure you're trying with the Zotero Connector beta (5.0.120b4) for Firefox. You don't need to use the Zotero beta.
  • Hi @dstillman - I am running the 5.0.120beta4 connector in Firefox (restarted both Firefox and Zotero), but I am still having issues. The first time I input an in-text citation it works fine, but any subsequent citations I try to add give me the "Zotero is updating your document please wait" + the red bar that never finishes loading. While it is loading, I can click the Zotero connector button again in Google Docs and the citation dialogue opens, but when I click "ok" from the citation dialogue, the red bar reappears and it never finishes loading, and clicking once more on the Zotero connector button stops it from running (and no citation is inputted).
  • If you click Add/Edit Citation again and the citation dialog is appearing, that sounds like the dialog may have just appeared behind your other windows the first time. That's the most likely situation. The dialog is part of the Zotero app, not a browser window. Clicking Add/Edit Citation a second time would never be a fix for anything and could cause problems, so you should always check your open windows to make sure the citation dialog isn't already open.

    If you can't get it to work, restart Zotero and provide a Debug ID from Zotero for reloading Google Docs and clicking Add/Edit Citation where the citation dialog doesn't appear.
  • Unfortunately still having issues. The citation dialog does open at the front of my screen after clicking Add/Edit Citation, but only as the loading red bar (and it never finishes loading). I restarted Zotero & Firefox & started with a new doc but ran into the issue once I tried to input a second in-text citation (first oddly works fine). Debug ID is D722911691.
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