[Forum Suggestion] Support some styles, like bold,colors

This forum's function is too outdated, personally.

It doesn't support any styles, such as bold, colors.

It doesn't support rich text or markdown.
  • edited March 3, 2024
    It supports bold and italics and other basic formatting via HTML tags. Markdown support is planned. Colors are not.

    But more generally, why are you doing this? So far your only posts to these forums have been to complain about the forums, without ever having actually tried to use them for what they're meant for (other than a bizarre, wildly off-topic comment to a 12-year-old thread, which we've deleted). If you want to use these forums to discuss Zotero software, you're welcome to do that. Beyond that, please stop with these posts.
  • Okay, sorry for my complaint.

    If you mean this [comment](https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/77079/ms-word-macro-to-convert-zotero-citations-into-clickable-hyperlinks#latest) is off-topic, I don't think so. One former answer says it can be solved by a link, but the link is a solution for LibreOffice, not MS Office(the topic). I cannot quote that answer, so, I just gave my comment, which makes it off-topic likely.

    If Markdown is supported, it would be great. The reason why I suggest this is that I don't know how to quote, how to put code, and how to emphasize currently.
  • No, you posted a comment about Zotero's plugin manager to a 12-year-old thread about EBSCOhost. As I said, we deleted it.
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