Color Formatting Improvements in Microsoft Word

Sorry about my English.
I really like using Zotero, a free and easy-to-use tool. However, there are some implementations and improvements that need to be made to it. I've been waiting for this improvement for 8 years when I started using it. What Zotero lacks and is a hindrance for anyone. When a new item is added to the bibliographic references, the font color formatting in the Microsoft Word document is lost throughout the document. This way, it returns the black color of the original source. So I would like these new features to be implemented. I've seen a lot of people talking about this on forums.
  • Zotero uses the current paragraph/character style when inserting citations. If you want to maintain font coloring, you should create a character style in Word, and use it for colored text. That way Zotero inserted citations will also have that color.
  • Thank you for the previous response.

    Would you help me? How do I create a color style for the citation fields, for example, when [10,11,20] appears in the text?
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