Inking bug in zotero 7: parts of inking notes disappear

edited March 1, 2024
I am using zotero 7 beta version on mac desktop.
I use the inking functionality to take notes on the pdfs.
I am not sure when this happens but parts of my inking notes get erased.
This is a bit of a problem as there seems to be no way of getting them back and important notes are thus lost forever.
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    I was super excited by this new inking feature on desktop, but this problem unfortunately makes it virtually unusable, everything seems fine and then suddenly 5mn later, I go back through the document and notes are partly erased!
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    also what is strange is that ink annotations that seem perfectly fine and stable (don't get erased) even after multiple syncs and adding more ink notes, will suddenly out of nowhere get partly erased further down the line!
  • Does it happen with each ink annotation or, for example, only with the long ones?
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    The lengths seem to be quite diverse for those where this is happening, but hard to say exactly.
    So no not each of them, but i would say there are some comparably long ones where it doesn't happen.
    And then as mentioned, you are never sure you are safe because they seem fine and the suddenly they get partly erased
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for it happening?
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