Saved attachments not shown initially


One Zotero item may have several sub-items (attachments, etc.), which can be shown by clicking the [+] sign next to the item title.

If the item is "opened" (i.e. I already clicked the [+] sign), and the sub-items are visible, then newly added attachments are not shown initially. After saving an attachment, I have to close and open the item to make the new attachment appear (by clicking on the [-] then the [+] signs.)

This usually happens when I try to save the PDF of a paper manually.

(I have Zotero 2.0rc5 on Firefox 3.6, but the same thing happened on Firefox 3.5 as well.)
  • Are you sure you're not just seeing the delay before a file is fully downloaded? Zotero doesn't currently show download progress.

    If you can reproduce it consistently, let us know.
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    I checked again to make absolutely sure.

    This is what I did exactly:

    I went to

    and saved the article using the "Save to Zotero (DOI)" icon in the location bar.

    Then I expanded the sub-item list, selected the main item by clicking on it, opened the PDF of the article, and used the "Attach Snapshot of Current Page" command.

    The snapshot did not show up in the sub-item list, no matter how long I waited.

    However, as soon as I collapsed and re-opened the sub-item list, it was there.

    So, yes, I can reproduce this consistently, and it has been happening for some time now.

    Can you reproduce it?
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    Can someone please test this, using the steps I outlined above?

    (For the record, I tried this with Zotero 2.0b5, Firefox 3.6.0, WinXP SP3)
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    I can reproduce this on 2.0 final, FF 3.58 on Ubuntu.
    This is only the case for adding another pdf attachment - if you attach another snapshot of a site it becomes visible immediately.

    Edit: One more obvservation: the number in the + column actually updates correctly - so I'll have an item with (seemingly) 2 attachments, but the + column says 3.
  • Thanks, Adam. I didn't notice that 2.0 final came out.
  • This bug is still present in 2.0.3 (tested on WinXP, Fx 3.6.8)
  • After several bugfix releases, this problem is still present in Zotero 2.0.8. Could you please fix it?
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