Google Docs: Problems with Zotero Connector 5.0.119

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  • I'm on Zotero Connector 5.0.119 and it's acting up extremely strangely. First of all, it unlinked all of my citations. Secondly, when I'm making new ones it only actually puts them in about 70% of the time (with it being "{updating}" or just blank the other 30%).

    I'm also having a terrible issue where I'm just denied from clicking on parts of my google doc. Usually, they're around citations, but other times they're not! I have to navigate around using the arrow keys.
  • I'm also having a terrible issue where I'm just denied from clicking on parts of my google doc
    @ekoparker: This (and hopefully any other instability) should be fixed in the Zotero Connector beta (5.0.120b3) for Firefox. You can try that now. If no one finds problems with that, we'll release that for Chrome and Edge within the next few days. In the meantime, just reloading the document and trying again will probably usually work — it should be a fairly random, intermittent issue.
  • @dstillman is there any word on the release of this version? The citations have been generating fine lately, but the Google Docs area denial (where I can't click on certain parts of my text) has been increasing in frequency. At this time, the issue is persistent on every page of my document, just located in different places. It doesn't affect whole sentences, either, with the majority of them being located toward the end of a sentence.
  • We're still waiting for feedback on the beta, but we'll likely release it at the beginning of this coming week. If you're having trouble, you can use the beta in Firefox now.
  • After using the connector in Firefox for a couple of minutes, the problem appeared there as well. It did work for a few minutes though!
  • (btw I used version 5.0.121beta2 of the Firefox connector)
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