SSL certificate overide Zotero 7

Hi, i need to overide the certificate for my WebDav server.
According to the instructions [1], I need to read the file " cert_override.txt" from Zotero7.
How can i do this?
I have the "cert_override.txt", but not sure how to read it.

Please help, thanx

  • The page you linked to explains how to do this. I'm not sure what you're asking beyond that.
  • To be clear, it says Zotero 7 can read a cert_override.txt file from Firefox. The page has all the context for this if you read it carefully.
  • @dstillman, thank you for your reply, yet i do not understand what should i do from the information provided in [1] in reference to Zotero 7, the information is very limited.

    The Actions i did:
    A1. Using Firefox 123.0 i generated the "cert_override.txt", but i do not know what to do with it?
    A2. i tried just pasting it to the "Zotero profile directory", but that does not work for my zotero 7 is giving me the following error:

    [JavaScript Error: "str is undefined" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/utilities/utilities.js" line: 669}

    Q1. Should i paste the "cert_override.txt" somewhere else?
    Q2. So you think the google chrome browser is making it not work?

    Thank you for the help you can provide, thanx
  • It showing "str is undefined" is a bug, but it still means that you're getting a certificate error.

    It looks like a cert_override.txt file from a current version of Firefox won't work. You'd have to use Firefox 102 ESR to generate it. This will likely change by the time Zotero 7 is released, but I've updated the documentation for now.

    (You can also just get a free certificate via Let's Encrypt.)
  • I downloaded Firefox 102 ESR from [2].
    I generated the "cert_override.txt" with [2], and paste it in the Zotero profile directory according to [1].

    Zotero now recognizes my WebDAV server and synchronizes.

    Thank you for the support @dstillman

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    Yes. That is right. Firefox ESR has to be used, not normal Firefox. My old cert_override.txt contained the letters MU in the 4th column and did not work. My new cert_override.txt contains the letters MUT in the 4th column and works. Don’t know what it means, but this is written : « add a “U” (untrusted cert) before “AAAA”. To allow for a hostname mismatch, add “M”. » here :

    It looks like “T” is needed also.
  • « T : allow errors in the validity time, like expired or not yet valid certs »
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