Zotero 7 beta: search window content disregarded after new note added

When I'm analyzing a set of notes that share a certain string of text, I can click on MyLibrary and type the shared text string in the search window. The Item List filters down to the notes relevant to the current analysis, as they should. Now, I want to add another note to the bunch. When I choose "New Standalone Note," the search filter is broken and the complete Item List appears, though the search string is still in the search window. Once I type the new note, which includes the shared search string, I have to go up to the search window, click behind the string that's still sitting there, and press . I'm grateful that I don't have to retype the string, but I'd prefer this: Keep the filtered selection in place as long as that string is in the search window. BUT, allow the new note-in-progress to remain in the Item List with the filtered bunch as long as it is the actively edited note. If, upon leaving the new note, I have not put the search string into the new note, it vanishes. But the original filtered set stays.
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