Editing notes formatted using Zotero

Hello, I'm editing a book with many notes (way too many) which seem to come from Google Docs and Zotero. I'm working with MS Word and Prolexis (professional proofreading software). Unfortunately, the author used Google Docs and Zotero and I can't access the notes, I can only see them when printing the book and they do need editing (on Word using search and replace, not on whatever is Zotero). I can't access them! My client seems to think I should copy and paste them from another file which I don't want to do. Is there a way to transform easily the Zotero things in WORD so I can edit them? Please, don't forget I'm an editor, not a developer.
  • It seems the Google Docs file has been directly downloaded in .docx format. If so, the Zotero citations will appear as zotero.org links.

    If you want to keep the Zotero citations in Word, you need to move the document between word processors: https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/moving_documents_between_word_processors#google_docs_to_word

    If you don't need the Zotero citations, you should follow the instructions given in Google Docs when trying to download the file:

    This document contains active Zotero citations that will appear as zotero.org links in a downloaded copy.

    To generate a version suitable for sharing, select Make a copy… from the File menu, select Unlink Citations from the Zotero menu in the new document, and then download the unlinked version. Keep this original linked document in case you need to make further changes.
  • Though as we explained to @profiterole via email, they can also likely just toggle Word field codes to see the actual citation text.

    They could then select all text and use Ctrl-Shift-F9 (Cmd-Shift-Fn-F9 on a Mac) to flatten the fields (though that would flatten all selected fields, not just Zotero citations).

    But yes, asking the original author to make a copy of the document and unlink citations using the plugin before submitting it is the best option.
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