Zotero and physical books

I have a number of research resources, that will not be electronic but actually physical books. Since I am a Zotero newbie, what recommendations for ensuring that you have the material without having to buy the actual electronic book, or only if necessary, copying the whole book and one more option copying the one chapter needed. I guess what I am most concerned about is if the entire book is necessary.

  • I just take (child) notes on books unless I'm very deeply invested in them (in which case scan&OCR and using ZOtero annotations will work).
  • I think you can scan the necessary pages with Adobe Scan (which have text recognition up to 25 pages for free) or something similar, then put PDF on Zotero. If you make annotations, you can edit page numbers of annotations and make sure the citations generated from notes added from annotations gets the correct page numbers. Adding PDFs is not necessary but optional because you can enter page numbers by hand while inserting citations via Word processor plugins.
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