Is it possible to add a custom column in Zotero?

My use case: I have around 1000 entries, which I have to review, based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. I would like to document everything as good as possible.

Is there a way to add a custom column, where I can add text comments like "ok", "not a scientific paper", "wrong year" etc. ?

Thanks in advance
  • No, but consider using colored tags for that (if you make the tag name an emoji, you'll even get the emoji displayed in your item list).
  • Ethereal Style plugin by MuiseDestiny makes this somehow possible.
  • we can use colored tags to display emoji, which works great, and by the way, this approach also seems to determines which emoji is displayed first when there are multiple of them.

    However, the major issue is there are at most nine colored tags. Please consider removing this limit, as there are so many plugins that allow one to set shortcuts to different tags so that one can add them quickly. Moreover, since these colored tags can be used to display emoji, we don't have to worry about that one can not distinguish different "colored tags" by their "color".

    Alternatively, maybe it is a good idea to provide another type of tag similar to colored tag, say, sth like "emoji tag". Then, this series of tags can be used to store different types of emojis. If this sounds like a plan, it would be strongly needed to provide a new column that can display these special tags.
  • I just noticed another "issue" with the colored tags, which is, the settings for the colored tags are only valid for a specific group, so if one starts working with a different group, one has to re-assign these tags once more. I would suggest offering an option to copy and paste such functions to other groups or to allow one to use the same set of colored tags for all groups.
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