Zotero 7 Beta: Advanced Settings overview and search not working


I just had a little lookaround at the settings in Z7 7.0.0-beta.60:
-On my mac, the search in the settings is broken. Whatever search term I enter, nothing happens. I do not get any search hits, nor can I see anything else happening. This is both true for search terms that are in the side menus (such as "sync" or "cite"), or for search terms that occur inside the menus such as "shortcuts", and it does not matter whether the search term is on the currently selected side tab or not.
- The new advanced tab is a step back from Z6: In Z6 there was a horizontal tab that allowed the users to immediately see which categories were found under "advanced". Now this tab has gone and the user has no visiable indication. This is very confusing, in particular because "advanced" does not give any idea what might be included there. In particular "shortcuts" is a quite important panel (also because it is needed as a kind of help item to tell users which shortcuts exist.
Suggestion: Either re-introduce the old horizontal tab (or another form of overview) within "advanced" or at least branch out "shortcuts" and "files and folders" as separate items on the left-hand vertical settings cateogries list (there is plenty of space there for additional items).
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