Switch email and g suite

Hi, there. My university is permanently terminating Google and the G-suite. I plan to just use my personal G-suite. How do I switch accounts in Zotero?
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    I'm not sure what you're referring to. Can you say more? Your Zotero account doesn't have anything to do with Google.
  • I'm sorry that I wasn't clear. I use Zotero in my university Google docs. However, the university is closing its Google apps. When I try to use Zotero in my personal account google doc, I get this error message: "The Google account you selected does not have permission to edit this document. Please try again, and be sure to choose the account with editing access."
  • Both email address are in Zotero.
  • That error message doesn't have anything to do with your Zotero account. You just need to choose the Google account that actually has access to the document. If you've transferred the document to your personal Google account, that's the account you'd need to choose. If you haven't, you'd have to do that first, independently of anything related to Zotero.
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