Wrong item type for books (Primo VE)

When we save items to Zotero via a browser connector (both Firefox and Chrome) from individual item records in our library catalog (Alma/Primo VE), books are being saved with the item type of "document" even though the icon in the browser shows a book. Videos seem to save correctly as video recording, ebooks are saving as books, ebook chapters are saving as book section, journals articles are saved as articles (although the browser icon shows a book from the catalog record -- it shows the article icon from the publisher page). So for us the current issue seems to be just for print books in the catalog being saved as documents. The information that appears when you hover on the book icon in the browser for the catalog record is Save to Zotero (Primo 2018).

We have seen this problem in the past (and there are at least two other older related tickets here: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/103647/wrong-material-type-in-primo-ve/p1 and here: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/414239#Comment_414239) but we hadn't encountered it again until recently. I assume there was a relatively recent update to Primo VE that has changed how it interacts with the translator/connector. Is this something someone could check on? Or is there a setting I should be checking? Thanks very much.
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