Weird issue with Google Docs Connector

Ever since the issues with Google Docs connector I have noticed a strange issue - every now and then, certain lines in the document I am editing become unselectable - using the mouse cursor, I cannot select anything. The unselectable range is usually 2 or 3 lines - anything above or below that is selectable. If I use my keyboard to move the cursor it usually starts working again. I'm pretty sure it's not my mouse as this only happens in Google Docs since the issues with the connector started. Also, disabling connector seems to have prevented the issue from recurring.
  • Yes, as far as we can tell this is a bug in Google Docs itself, related to the recent changes they've made (which are still only rolled out to a small number of users). It may be triggered by something the Zotero Connector is doing, but it would still likely need to be fixed by Google. If you can figure out exactly how to reproduce it, we could try to report it to them.
    Also, disabling connector seems to have prevented the issue from recurring.
    This shouldn't be necessary. If it's related to the Connector at all, you almost certainly have to actually use the plugin in Google Docs to trigger it.
  • I've got the same problem
  • @citadel, @joshnunziato: We did some further investigation and believe we've fixed this in the latest Zotero Connector beta for Firefox.
  • Thanks for investigating, @dstillman! However, I'm having the issue in Chrome.
  • Right, but the fix is available in the beta for Firefox. We're only available to release a beta for Firefox. Once we've gotten feedback that it works there, we'll release a version for other browsers.
  • Got it. Thanks for clarifying. I'm new to the Zotero beta testing community. Really appreciate all the work that you do!
  • I am also having this issue. Looking forward to a fix because this is very frustrating.
  • @dstillman the latest version of the Firefox plugin isn't really working at all for me. Initially, it would bring up the add citation dialogue okay but would get stuck actually inserting the citation like this:
    After refreshing, it gave an error about a null object or something (sorry, I clicked the okay button before really retaining the error). Then it just refused to do anything at all when I clicked the add citation button. I don't really use Firefox so I'm not sure if there's something wrong with my setup.
  • I am also still having trouble with Firefox and the latest version of the plugin. Similar issues to those mentioned above: some lines become unclickable (until after navigating by arrow keys from selectable lines to unselectable ones and making an edit there); citation dialogue sometimes doesn't load at all (though the add citation command sometimes brings the Zotero window to the front of the screen, with no additional citation dialogue behind/anywhere else); or the citation dialogue gets stuck inputting the citation (like screenshot above). Sometimes the issues are resolved by reloading the google doc and restarting Zotero, but then the issues will return at random after working fine for a while, and I haven't noticed a particular trigger as of yet.
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