In Zotero 7, long Chinese comments in annotations do not fold correctly.

edited February 22, 2024
Report ID: 498936635

As shown in the gif, when long Chinese comments are folded, some characters overlap. Not sure if this also happens with Japanese or Korean characters, or even other unicode characters.
  • This is a Firefox bug (Zotero is based on Firefox). We currently can't fix this without tradeoffs.

    Although this issue is more likely to appear if there are new lines in the comment. Can you check if the issue still persists if you delete the new lines?

    Also can you paste the annotation comment text here?
  • edited February 23, 2024
    Thanks for the reply.

    Not sure if there is a new version release, but this bug just suddenly disappeared overnight without any changes, and I cannot reproduce it.

    As for the Chinese comment:
    shell 本质乃是一类软件 旨在提供一种用户界面 以使用户得以与操作系统的内核进行交互 (它接收用户输入的命令 并将其传递给操作系统内核 再返回执行结果给用户) 总之 shell是连接用户以及操作系统的桥梁 提供了一种更友好也更高层次的交互方式 (在计算机发展早期 尚无shell之时 亦即尚无用户界面之时 只能通过打孔纸带进行输入 而这种方式叫作批处理 只能通过纸质打印进行输出❗❓似乎还有其它方式)
    shell目前可以提供两种用户界面 一种需要用户点击图形元素执行命令操作 一种需要用户键入指定文本执行命令操作
    shell如今默认是指后者 故通常称作命令行界面 (cli) 简称为命令行 有时又叫作命令行环境 至于前者则专门叫gui (图形操作界面) (此时已不再视之为gui shell 而是gui program/application)
  • This might occur again when you edit an existing comment and add new lines.
  • Yeah, it happened again, but just found that simply closing and then reopening the PDF attachment would help to turn it back to normal.

    Besides, typing in extra consecutive blank lines seems to be a workaround, which might also help to debug for Firefox developers.
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