Library changes do not appear on iPad consistently

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  • I am also having this problem. New files and library moves do not appear on my ipad consistently. However, changes I make on my ipad (e.g. adding annotations) are reflected on other devices. I have tried triggering a sync by pulling down on the items list, restarting the ipad app, and restarting the ipad.

    An example of a URL that does not currently appear on my ipad but is on my computer and in the web library is

    Here is a debug ID, let me know if I recorded it improperly:
  • Sorry for the delay. Are you still having trouble?

    Can you provide another Debug ID from the iPad for the first sync after making a change to that item (e.g., changing a field or adding a tag) in the web library? Be sure to start debug output logging, make the change online, trigger the sync, and then submit the output.
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