Is there a way to create a folder alias?

Is there a way to create an alias for a folder, similar to how it works on macOS? I'll have a topic, say 'Genomic-Selection', which could really live inside of 'Plant-Science/Bioinformatics/', 'Plant-Science/Genomics/', or 'Plant-Science/Breeding', and every time I'm looking for it I have to remember where I put it originally. This isn't such a big deal if I'm searching for something I already have saved, but it's a huge pain when I'm saving new references to my library. I'll either spend a minute or two finding exactly the right folder, taking myself out of the flow of whatever I'm really working on, or create a new, redundant folder necessitating a cleanup later. I'd love to be able to have one main 'Genomic-Selection' folder and then alias of it wherever else that would be appropriate.
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