Select which Zotero files will sync to the online library?

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Is there a way to select which Zotero files will sync to the online library?

I have a lot of files, but I don't need all of them to sync to my mobile device and would prefer to not pay for the extra storage plan.
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    No. You can choose not to download all files, but the point of syncing is to make your data and files available on all devices, and that requires uploading them.
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    You can't select them as such. But only attachment files in local Zotero storage get synced online (ie those under Zotero\storage); as long as you have file syncing turned on and are under your online file storage quota. Attachment files which you don't need/want to be synced online (and thence to your mobile device) can be linked files (subject to some limitations). They will only be accessible on that computer, and on any other computer that shares them via a cloud-mirrored folder.
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