Attempting to use Zotero Connector in Google Docs instead opens the new link menu

I'm using macOS 14.3.1. When I click on any of the options in the Zotero tab of Google Docs, the link menu, which can also be accessed by command-K, appears. This issue persists after restarting my Mac, enabling and disabling the Zotero Connector, and changing my Zotero keyboard shortcut.
  • edited February 20, 2024
    Update to Zotero 6.0.31, and then reload Google Docs.
  • Thank you. Shortly after I sent out my post a few hours ago I realized that the issue had already been addressed, and I apologize for making a duplicate post. I have updated Zotero and can now access the Zotero connector and insert citations, but I am struggling with footnotes: I have my citation style set to Chicago full-note and Zotero now inserts footnotes, but often fails to add a link, so the note at the end of the page is blank. This issue doesn't always occur, but it seems to affect most of my citations, so I unlinked my essay from Zotero and am now manually adding my citations. I noticed this issue several hours ago and it remains an issue on other documents than the one I was working on when I first posted. Another recent post reports difficulties with citations in general, so this might not be limited to footnotes.
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