how to create a bibliography for a word doc with footnotes

Hello, I used Chicago Manual Style 17th edition (note) - so I have footnotes at the end of each page.

Now I would like to create a bibliography at the end of the document with all the works cited.

What is the best way to do that?

  • Go to where you want the bibliography to appear in your document, then click on the "Add/Edit Bibliography" icon.
  • thx for prompt reply!

    I clicked but nothing happens, it is maybe because it takes a while to build it (it a 360 pages documents...)?
  • How long have you waited?

    How many citations do you have?
  • I'm trying again after having exited from both Word and Zotero - it's 1300 notes...

    I'll let it go for the whole night and see if I find something in the morning,

    I'll give an update tmw...

    thx for following up!
  • If you are on a Mac, worst case recommendation would be to use Word for/on Windows to create a bibliography
  • it did it! amazing...

    thx for your help!
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