[solved] connector: An error occurred saving with Cambridge Core

edited February 20, 2024

I'm using Zotero connector in Firefox to try to add the following book from Cambridge Core to my collection:


However, this fails with the message "An error occurred saving with Cambridge Core. Attempting to save using Embedded Metadata instead." and produces a Web Page item in my collection instead of the Book. Some metadata is collected, but ISBN, Publisher, and DOI are placed together in the Extra field, which is not ideal.

Saving other types of references (e.g. from the ACM Digital Library) works just fine so I suspect it's an issue with the translator for Cambridge Core.
I followed all the steps on the https://www.zotero.org/support/troubleshooting_translator_issues page.
I tried to submit some debug output, it should be found at Debug ID "D1154565129".

Thanks in advance for tips and help.
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