Feature request - email PDF button in PDF viewer


as stated it would be great if I could open a PDF and while reading it email the file to someone. Ie have an email file button in the PDF viewer toolbar. At the very least it would be great to add an option when you right click on an open tab to say show file as well as show in library.

At the moment sending the PDF you are viewing takes these steps:
Right click on the open tap and click show in library
expand the reference to show the attachment
Either drag into an open email or right click the attached file and click show file.

  • I just came here to make the same request. +1!
  • It would also be great to be able to drag-and-drop the PDF to an open email.
  • This is already possible - if you click the arrow on the left of the reference in the library view it expands the entry. Then just drag the pdf attachment over to an open email. It doesn’t work if you just drag the main reference. Not sure if I explained that properly…
  • That does not work for me, unfortunately. I get the usual drag-and-drop behavior, right up to showing the green encircled "+" in the mail message, but when l release it the attachment is not copied into the message and the GUI makes the icon look like it's snapping back to the source. I'm using macOS 14.3.1 (Sonoma) and Zotero 6.0.31.
  • Ah ok, I’m using Outlook on Windows 11, maybe it’s a thing with the Mac version.
  • edited February 22, 2024
    It's not about the OS — it just depends on where you're dragging. E.g., it works for Gmail and Thunderbird. It doesn't work for macOS Mail.

    I'm not sure if we can do an email-PDF option, but it's a long-standing request. We'll investigate.
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