[Zotero 7] Related item relationships don't copy to new library

I just copied a book item and its related chapters to a new library and discovered that those relationships did not copy.

I see in preferences that child notes, child snapshots and imported files, annotations, child links and tags do copy over, but not related items.

Is that an oversight? Or are there technical/logical reasons that relationships shouldn't copy over?
  • There are technical and logical reasons for not copying the relationships over in all cases: Keeping relations between items in different libraries won't work if you're e.g. copying an item from your library to a group, and it's related to other items in your library that won't be accessible to other members of the group. Copying the related items along with the items you dragged isn't necessarily what you want, either. And dropping the relations - what we do now - also clearly isn't ideal. We'll need a new interface to allow you to make that choice when you copy. But this is a known issue and a fix is planned.
  • edited February 22, 2024
    Great! Makes sense. Thanks.

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