Zotfile extension disable_renaming not working

I'm trying to temporarily disable zotfile renaming without success. (I just want to do this while moving attachments under the books that Zotero imported with unique chapter names.) I've tried the settings I could find in the forums and zotfile--what am I missing?

Mac OS Monterey
Zotero 6.0.30
Zotfile (just downloaded today)
(Restarted Zotero a few times in the process.)

Screenshots in case they're helpful.
1. Book with chapters attached

2. Zotero settings -> config -> extensions.zotfile.disable_renaming set to true


3. Zotfile preferences -> renaming rules [I've done with both "use Zotero to rename" checked and unchecked]


Zotfile preferences -> advanced settings -> rename never

Results = file renamed (in Zotero and in file folder)

Thanks for any help.
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