Suggestion: change search and advanced search location on desktop menu

edited February 13, 2024
Hi, I was thinking the other day that it makes more sense to me if I find the search tool and advanced search tool in the tool menu, instead of the edition menu (on desktop version, grey top-hand buttons).

That's probably a very minor point but I was just thinking that if there is a new version coming that could be easy to change (or not so hard)...

What do you folks think?

PS: On "Herramientas" instead of "ediciĆ³n" in the Spanish version.
  • Edit is the standard location for search at least in Windows: it's where Firefox has "Find in Page", in Word, "Find" is in the "Editing" section of the home tab, it's where find and replace is in most text editors (notepad, VS Code).

    I understand this is a tool, but in terms of convention, Edit is the right place for it (most people will likely continue to access it from the main toolbar (ha!) rather than the top level menu anyway)
  • Alright fair enough!
    Didn't know all that thanks for the answer!
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