point at the of the citation

Is it possible to get the citation without a point at the end (chicago manual)? Sometimes I would like to put a comma, or continue the phrase.
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    You can edit any style removing or changing the layout suffix in the last line below:

    <option name="et-al-min" value="4"/>
    <option name="et-al-use-first" value="1"/>
    <option name="et-al-subsequent-min" value="4"/>
    <option name="et-al-subsequent-use-first" value="1"/>
    <option name="disambiguate-add-names" value="true"/>

    <layout prefix="" suffix="." delimiter="; ">

    However, if it you only sometimes don't want the point you can edit any citation using the edit citation option in the MS Word and Open Office plug-ins.
  • Thanks for this quick answer but i have to admit that i don't know what to do with both them
    - how can i change the layout suffix?
    - and i don't find the edit citation option in my open office plug-in
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    The "edit citation" option is actually called "Show editor" (edit citation exists, too, but it won't let you remove the period) - but as this will "freeze" the citation, preventing any future updates of either the style or the data for this citation it is generally discouraged.
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