Frequency of publication titles in my Zotero library

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Is it possible to analyze the content of my Zotero library? Specifically, I'd like to know which publication titles show up most frequently in my collection.

Update: I've just found how I can add a new column for titles (in the web version anyway), then if I sort by that column I can get a rough idea of the most frequent publications in my library. This may be good enough for what I need. But am happy to hear if there are any methods to get the actual numbers (without manually counting!).
  • You can export to CSV and analyze the data in any software of your choosing (Excel, Tableau, R, python...). There's nothing built in, though, no.
  • Thanks Adam! I was thinking there must be an option for exporting the content to Excel. I will poke around to find that.
  • Export library or export selected items --> CSV
    Note that CSV mangels characters when you open it in Excel directly (Excel for some reason wants UTF-16 and mangels UTF-8).
    You can import it from Excel's "Data" tab (or open directly in LibreOffice)
  • You can get a count for each journal title by running the following code under Tools\Developer\Run Javascript:

    var jnltitleFieldID = Zotero.ItemFields.getID('publicationTitle');
    var sql = "SELECT value AS jnltitle, COUNT(*) AS num FROM itemData JOIN itemDataValues USING (valueID) WHERE fieldID=? GROUP BY jnltitle ORDER BY UPPER(jnltitle) ASC";
    var rows = await Zotero.DB.queryAsync(sql,jnltitleFieldID);
    var lines = [];
    for (let row of rows) {
    lines.push(row.jnltitle + '\t' + row.num);
    return lines.join('\n');

    If you want to order the list by count instead of title, replace ORDER BY UPPER(jnltitle) ASC with ORDER BY COUNT(*) DESC. The former is good for catching the same journal erroneously stored under slightly different names.
  • Oh wow Tim, you are a superstar! Thanks so much. That worked beautifully!
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