Searching for Empty Fields

I need to search for empty fields in order to ensure tags and collections are organized correctly and that searches bring back all results. I used Zotero 5 and 6 and knew that wasn't a possibility then. I searched these forums and the posts were either horrible workarounds ot post that were 10 years old (with horrible workarounds.)

I downloaded Zotero 7 anxious to see if this functionality had been added. If it's it there,
I have't found it yet. Am I looking in the wrong place? Because surely you haven't ignored this request for a simple query that allows an empty field.

Please tell me it's in there and I just haven't found it yet.

Also - as long as I'm here - hiding Advanced Search one level down on the Search menu is awful. I use that search because the simple search can't be fine-tuned. There is room for that icon on the bar the way it used to be. Is this customizable in Zotero?

Thanks all -

  • I would definitely appreciate "is empty" and "is not empty" in advanced search.

    I know you can sort in the main list but it would be useful as logic in searches too. For example, I wanted to find records with missing Short Titles so I tried to set up an advanced search with two criteria:

    - Title CONTAINS ":"
    - Short Title IS [empty] (I just left the field blank)

    But the second criteria is ignored, so the search found all items with a colon in the title regardless of whether they had a Short Title or not.
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