Zotero to use "where from" data from extended file attributes (Mac) for extracting URL?

When downloading files on a Mac (Safari), the url of the page that the file was downloaded from is conveniently automatically written into the extended file attributes (accessible via command+I in Finder). It seems that currently Zotero is not using that information for filling the URL field. Why so? This could potentially also be viewed as a feature request.
  • I'm not sure it's ever been discussed, but a few reasons:

    1) In a normal Zotero workflow, you would generally be saving PDFs directly from your browser (ideally via an article page), not saving PDFs to disk and adding them to Zotero. Zotero automatically saves the attachment URL when saved from the browser.

    2) The URLs of academic PDFs are often just temporary CDN URLs, so they're of fairly limited utility. The relevant URL (e.g., for citing and repeat access) is the URL of the article page, which is saved to the parent item.

    3) It's just a bit esoteric for a cross-platform app, and accessing it may not be that easy (e.g., getting it by calling out to xattr would be kind of gross/inefficient, and getting it more directly might be difficult).

    I suppose we'd consider a patch that did this efficiently for a manual file add, but I don't think it's something we would work on.
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