[Android] Can't open Word file from app

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  • I am not able to open word file in the app. When I touch the file, nothing happens.
  • To be clear, you're referring to a Microsoft Word file that you've stored in your library?

  • Yes, Microsoft Word file with .docx extention.
    I can see file available as local download in Zotero item (long press shows option to remove downloaded file). File is shown as downloaded file in Zotero app search as well. But, it just won't open...
    I cannnot search the file in file storage through root explorer.
  • Opening files externally isn't currently supported in the mobile apps. That would require scanning local files for changes, uploading modified files, handling file conflicts, etc., none of which we have to deal with now.

    Note that we also don't generally recommend storing word processor documents within Zotero. Zotero's annotation functionality is specifically designed to avoid conflicts, but for something like a word processor file, if you (or others in a group) accidentally opened and saved the file on multiple devices at the same time, you would end up with unresolvable file conflicts. I'd recommend using Microsoft's own options for editing Word files on multiple devices, which can be used along with Zotero (though not on mobile yet, but that's coming).
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