When will Zotero be able to read aloud its documents?

I enjoyed using Zotero to read articles, and it would be great to have Zotero read documents (at different speeds).
  • At least on macOS it's possible select text and press Option-Escape to read the selected text loud. Something similar should be possible on other operating systems.
  • Thanks, strangely it does not work for me (I use Mac as well). There is no notification or sound when I press Option and Escape. Do you know the reason why?
  • Check System Settings → Accessibility → Spoken Content → "Speak selection" to see if the feature is enabled, and click (i) to check the shortcut key assigned.
  • Thanks, I am using the most up-to-date Mac version, but I did not see Accessibility in either the general or advanced settings, is this for Windows?
  • @GubingWang macOS System Settings, not Zotero Settings.
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